Can upgrade! IOS WordPress Gains Improvements When Internet Is Bad


WordPressThe WordPress app – a platform that has just been updated to its fifth version – for iOS is quite interesting, but it didn’t always offer the best user experience – especially for those times when we don’t have such a stable internet connection.

Before it was not possible, for example, to start an offline post, and editing or adding new flashing posts was a real nightmare, such that if you started a paragraph and the signal was lost, you had to wait for it to return to continue. (In the meantime, the user was awarded the terrible spinning wheel ).

Luckily, the arrival of version 12.9 solved these and many other issues, as well as offering more compact listings for posts for easier viewing on smaller screens.

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The official changelog can be checked below:

  • Clearer previews! Previously, the status of in-process postprocessing views was hidden behind a screen lock rotary control. The spinner has now been placed in its place and the status is displayed at the top of the screen so you can still access the rest of it.
  • Better blocks! We have several improvements in the block editor to remove the writing hurdles. Touching an empty editor area automatically creates a new paragraph block. Adding a block of the post title now puts the block at the top of the post instead of the bottom where you couldn’t see it. And we fixed an issue that sometimes caused content to be lost when the editor tried to load unsupported blocks.
  • List of cleaner posts! Your post list now includes an option to view posts more compactly so you can see more post details at once. And it has a redesigned loading screen, because even waiting for something to load should be a good experience.
  • Smoother setting! When you set up a new site, sometimes the views are displayed incorrectly and the process of adding a site icon is not as simple as it should be. Not ideal, and not the case anymore.
Price: Free

Source: NEX Dual Display Successor? Vivo files patents for new dual-screen devices

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