Call of Duty: Warzone to get mobile version, Activision official website suggests


Call of DutyWhile working on the development of its next multi-platform title, which will be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – a game officially announced by Activision in late August – it appears that the game producer has plans to launch a mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone, a game that already has more than 75 thousand players on all available platforms.

The information was “leaked” through the announcement of a job vacancy for an executive producer of resources for a game aimed at mobile phones of the Call of Duty series, which is described as “WZN” – a possible acronym for “Warzone”.

The vacancy announcement describes the professional’s skills and gives clues about the next title:

As an Executive Producer, you will have the product framework and player experience of a new AAA mobile FPS in the Call of Duty franchise. Developing in collaboration with several Activision studios worldwide, this leader must be a skilled communicator and development leader who can define and reap the important elements that define a first-class mobile shooter, clearly articulate why these elements are important and what are your success criteria and guide these elements through a distributed development organization to deliver the highest quality software product.

While the majority of job openings for professionals who will develop future games hide the title’s name, Activision did not take this care in publishing this ad, however much it used an acronym to describe it.

Still, the publication was removed shortly after, but according to the announcement, the game is already in its early stages of development. This indicates that it will probably not be available anytime soon, however it is already a good indication of a future Call of Duty title for mobile phones.

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Meanwhile, it is worth remembering, the franchise already has a game for mobile devices, which is Call of Duty: Mobile, which is available for Android and iOS.

Source: TechSpot

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