But huh? Stadia game price may be the same as titles for PS4 and Xbox One


Stadia gameIf you had the expectation that with Google Stadia the games of the moment could be acquired at more reasonable prices we do not have good news.

In an interview with the Eurogamer portal Stadia boss, Phil Harrison said he could not find reasons why a title would be cheaper at Stadia than its competitors, implying that the pricing should follow the values ​​practiced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

On one hand, we must remember that the Stadia console does not have a price: you can buy a game and ready, play it on your smartphone, computer, or another compatible smart screen in an uncomplicated way. This, at first, makes it sound fair that the pricing of the games does not offer a discount, but there are some delays in this equation.

For example, the Stadia will require an excellent internet connection and is totally stable. This has a high cost even in the most developed countries. In addition, all games are digital, and this opens important discussions about the library’s historic preservation. After all, if for some reason the service comes to an end, someday, how will the player’s investments stay?

It is also worth remembering that Stadia will offer a kind of Game Pass: with the signature, Pro players will have an updated catalog from time to time of more basic games, in addition to discount percentages for the acquisition of launches. In this mode of the Stadia will also be possible to play in UltraHD resolution.

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It is worth mentioning that the service will be launched in November in 14 countries. Stadia is expected to find a strong opponent soon with the launch of Microsoft’s xCloud, while Sony’s PlayStation Now will remain timid.

By 2020 gamers’ attention should shift to the PlayStation and Xbox lineup, both of which are expected to receive their upcoming products, vying heavily for consumer attention.

Source: www.eurogamer.net


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