Microsoft Mixer: Android and iOS app gets new features


Microsoft MixerRecently redesigned after being acquired, Microsoft Mixer is slowly seeking to gain attention and space in the online gaming broadcast market, which has been dominated by the Twitch platform and has most recently received competition from Facebook Gaming.

Among the latest news we’ve seen involving the streaming platform, we’ve had the update that lets you share control of Xbox One, one-click shopping allowance, and the possibility of seeing new forms of monetization being studied.

However, not only consoles and PCs this platform lives and in this sense, Microsoft made available this week an update focused on devices with Android and iOS embedded, bringing interesting features to those who use the same on smartphones and tablets. These novelties can be segregated into three specific areas:

  • Deactivation of the FTL standard, passing this function to be activated only if the user opts for this. This change is focused on reducing loading problems on slower or unreliable connections.
  • Inclusion of channel progression for mobile devices, giving new skills as the user interacts within the platform and;
  • It can block users, not requiring login. This list can be managed within a specific area in the application settings.

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If you want to download the new version of the official Microsoft streaming application, just use the card below by clicking on the store for your device and you will be redirected to the store dedicated to your system.



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