Samsung is more 4K: action offers second smart TV with discounts of up to $ 2 thousand


TV with discountsSamsung is taking action to offer its new UltraHD Smart TVs at discounted prices if you are interested in more than one unit.

Buying a model with a screen between 55 and 75 inches is offered a discount of up to $ 2,000 for the joint acquisition of the 50-inch model, and in some combinations, the price sounds interesting.

Taking the 75 ‘model (R $ 7,299) the smallest – 50 – exits for R $ 499, but the final price of the combination is at R $ 7,798. Already taking the product with screen 65 ‘(R $ 4,399) to 50’ is at R $ 999, closing the value of the combo at R $ 5,498.

Want a more discreet product? The 58 ‘model costs R $ 3,499, and the 50’ model costs R $ 1,499. The last possible combination is the 55 ‘screen ($ 2,999) with the product from 50’ to $ 1,499 as well.

The action is valid until July 14. The so-called “Samsung is more 4K” has networks like Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia, Extra, Fujioka, Zema, DB, Info Store, Ricardo Eletro and Novo Mundo.

All models in this promotion feature white pixel absence, unique remote control, and hidden cable design.

At the beginning of the year, South Korea launched its line of 8K smart TVs. With high prices, however, promotional actions offered the Galaxy S10 as a gift. Oh yes.

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Earlier this year several companies announced during CES their first 8K commercial products. Samsung was one of them, alongside Sony, LG and others, and these products, still far from the reality of many and lacking content that takes advantage of all these pixels, should gradually fall into popular taste and become more accessible, as the 4K models – they are finally getting good price cuts.

And you, what do you think about this Samsung action? Tell us in the comments!



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