Best Productivity Apps for Android 


Smartphones and tablets can be an incredible way to kill time and mingle, yet who realized that they can likewise support your productivity? For whatever length of time that you know the right apps that can help out, your life could turn into significantly a lot easier. Here is our rundown of the best productivity apps.


1. Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner

If your work requires a great deal of document scanning, you should be furnished with Tiny Scanner, which enables you to make PDFs from any documents using only your smartphone camera.

Take a snap, crop it, and select a PDF page size (like 8.5″ x 11″, or A4), at that point, hit the tick button. It’s that basic. Tiny Scanner will deliver a black and white scan of a document that looks comparable to on the off chance that it came out of a scanner.

Tiny Scanner

It has a couple of neat tools, as naturally straightening your scans on the off chance that they’re somewhat wonky, yet you’ll require a decent(ish) camera for best outcomes. Colorful PDFs tend not to look as solid, yet it’s a viable replacement for a home scanner, and shadding is a choice on the off chance that you want it.

While it used to offer basically everything for nothing, there’s currently a Pro version that you’ll have to pay for If you want to do things like transferring your scans directly to cloud storage services.

Now you can download it from Google Play Store.

2. LastPass Password Manager

It’s an agony to keep track of all your login credentials for the various websites and services that you use, and surprisingly worse when you really overlook them and lose access to basic information. That is the reason a password manager is essential for the advanced user.

LastPass is one such administration, which spares the majority of your passwords and other delicate credentials in a single place. Just as remembering all your passwords, the app can log you into websites and apps naturally, and create solid passwords for you on the fly.  This works by means of the in-app browser yet additionally by means of Safari and Chrome.

The free version of the app should cover the majority of your needs, and even incorporates cross-device syncing of your credentials and vault, but on the other hand there’s also an excellent subscription model with extra features for power users.

You can download it from the Google Play store now.

3. Evernote

A considerable lot of us depend more and more for our smartphone to do our short and long-haul arranging, scheduling and reminders, so having an app that does these things is basic. Evernote has a great deal of those functions that make it a basic app for productivity. Evernote is for something other than just note-taking, you can likewise schedule appointments, set reminders, take notes, and substantially more.


In spite of the fact that Evernote does offer a huge amount of various organizing options, it stays exceptionally easy to navigate. There are other notes taking and scheduling apps out there, however, none do it with the balance and usefulness of Evernote.

Now you can download it from Google Play Store.

4. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an extraordinarily useful app on the off chance that you spend most of your day sitting at a PC and often find yourself exchanging between various devices. It began as an approach to send individual files between those various devices – mobile and desktop, just as mobile-to-mobile). Presently, you can move files, react to notifications, SMS, and different messages directly from your desktop.


It bolsters end-to-end encryption, and remote file browsing crosswise over connected devices, giving that you empower that feature.

Pushbullet used to be one of my most loved apps in any class, only for its sheer handiness – yet then the company began charging for a portion of its most helpful features. In the long run, I gave in and paid the yearly subscription, yet you can use it for free if its all the same to you don’t mind limited file sizes for sending and don’t have to respond to notifications from the desktop.

Now you can download it from Google Play Store.

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5. Todoist

A lot of apps have attempted to tackle that perennial issue of helping you really get things done, however,  Todoist hits a higher water mark than most. The app empowers you to sort out your tasks with colors and sub-folders, and it can sync your rundown between numerous devices.

It was recently named one of the best Google Play apps by Google itself, and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why — the interface is clear and uncluttered, making and editing undertakings is very direct, and additional features, for example, being able to assign custom labels to keep everything sort out truly add to the app’s general impact on your productivity.


once more, you’ll have to pay for a subscription on the off chance that you need to use the more advanced highlights, like tags, but basic lists and syncing between devices is free to all.

Now you can download it from Google Play Store.


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