The Samsung Galaxy S10 offers a greater battery than a year ago’s flagship, therefore you should anticipate better execution. Then again, if you’re using your phone for 10 hours or more in multi day or you’re an incessant explorer, a portable battery pack is an absolute necessity have source of power for whenever you need it. We’ve gathered together the most dependable battery packs for the Galaxy S10.

Galaxy S10

Ventev PowerCell 6010+It’s all built in:

Ventev PowerCell 6010+

This Ventev powerpack doesn’t offer USB-C Power Delivery and at 6000mAh it’s the littlest on our rundown. But what it lacks in charging productivity it gains back in pure convenience. The structure includes an implicit USB-C cable, folding AC prongs, and the capacity to charge two devices at once using the USB-A port. It recharges in just 4 hours connected directly into the wall, and can likewise be used as a wall charger for your S10 in a pinch. It’s my go-to portable battery for all my tech that I take with me everywhere.

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD battery packAn absolute Unit:

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD battery pack

Anker is one of the most believed brands of external battery packs, and its PowerCore+ 26800 is a flat out monster. With 26,800mAh of battery capacity, you’ll have the option to get multiple charges out of this battery pack. It accompanies a 30W fast charging USB-C wall charger for topping up the battery pack, different charging cables, and a travel pouch.

AUKEY 10,000mAh Portable ChargerNumerous Ports:

AUKEY 10,000mAh Portable Charger

AUKEY’s 10,000mAh battery pack has pretty much everything. It includes a USB-C port with Power Delivery 2.0 that will charge your Galaxy S10 the quickest, yet you likewise get two USB-A ports, one with Quick Charge 3.0 and an additional port with AiPower for different gadgets. It’s additionally excessively thin and portable and perfect for sharing your portable power with friends.

Anker PowerCore 10000 PDPocket PD Power:

Anker PowerCore 10000 PD

Anker’s PowerCore+ bank may be excessive for everyday carry, yet if you prefer your portable batteries to be actually portable, this model is effectively pocketable. In spite of the compact look, it’s still a PowerCore, enabling you to quickly top off your dying phone with 18W Power Delivery charging without having a bulky brute weighing down your backpack or jeans pocket.

Omni Mobile 12,800mAh Omnicharge Power BankCharge three ways:

Omni Mobile 12,800mAh Omnicharge Power Bank

This is the power bank I carry in the parks frequently with my Galaxy S10, and I do it since it’s simply so gosh-darn versatile. It’s got 60W USB-C Power Delivery charging to revive my dying Chromebook, a QC 3.0 port for rapidly charging the S10 simultaneously, and Qi wireless charging, so I can at present charge the S10 even if my dumb butt forgot a cable at home.

Samsung Fast Charge 5100mAh Battery PackSamsung’s own:

Samsung Fast Charge 5100mAh Battery Pack

Samsung’s portable battery offering is pleasant and reduced with a handy loop for clipping it onto your bag. While the limit is smaller than other battery packs on our rundown, Samsung says it will charge your gadgets 1.5 times quicker than standard USB options. This charger additionally gets dinged a little for charging over microUSB rather than USB-C, but at least it comes for one for charging.

Mophie Powerstation Wireless External Battery ChargerGo wireless:

Mophie Powerstation Wireless External Battery Charger

Mophie is known for its battery cases, but at the same time it’s perceived the value of a battery booster that you don’t have to hold stuck to your phone at all times. This 10,000mAh battery additionally gets dinged for still using Micro-USB rather than USB-C, yet this name-brand battery pack will easily charge your S10 wirelessly or wired, if you’re inclined to overlooking your cables like me!

AVPower 26000mAh External BatteryMore Power:

RAVPower 26000mAh External Battery

RAVPower’s battery pack offers 26,800mAh and accompanies a free USB-C cable. And when the battery pack is exhausted, you use the USB-C port to completely charge in just 5 hours. You’ll want to additionally use the USB-C port for charging your Galaxy S10, but you’ll likewise have two standard USB-A ports for keeping your different gadgets charged.

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