Belkin Boost Charge: New USB-C Cable for Lightning promises 50% faster loading


Boost ChargeBelkin today unveiled its new Boost Charge cable, with USB-C connections for Lightning. It has received MFi certification – Made For iPhone – as a 100% compatible accessory to be used on all Apple devices with this type of port.

The cable also has USB-IF certification. This means that it is also suitable for use with third-party devices that have USB-C support. These assignments serve as a way to reassure the consumer about the quality of the product.

Fast loading

The manufacturer specifies Boost Charge with fast loading support. Belkin promises a speed 50% faster than the standard Lightning cable when used with a compatible charger.

If you are using an 18W adapter, you can charge 50% of the battery of an iPhone 8 or later in 30 minutes.

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Price and availability

The Boost Charge cable measures 1.2 meters and is available in black and white colors. It can be purchased through the manufacturer’s official website at a price of $ 19.99 (~ $ 76), with a two-year warranty.

It is worth remembering that in February of this year, Anker launched its USB-C cable for Lightning also with MFi certification.



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