Apple bet on the flat look and will not use 2.5D glass in the iPhone 12 family


Apple In addition to the presence of 5G and OLED display on all models, Apple is also preparing some aesthetic changes for the iPhone 12 family. Recently, sources reported that the devices should adopt a design similar to that found in the iPad Pro 2020.

The idea is to make the models have flatter edges, something that even refers to other older devices of the brand. This is also likely to have another consequence, as new information indicates that Apple will not use 2.5D glass in the devices.

The idea of ​​adopting flat sides directly impacts the front glass. Therefore, Apple wants to make everything more standardized and escape the curved solution found in high-end smartphones from the competition. Here’s a concept of the iPhone 12 Pro model :

Of course, the change, although controversial for some, can be cause for celebration for others. That’s because by not using the 2.5D solution, Apple ends up making life easier for users, since it will be much easier to handle the smartphone or apply a film.

However, so far Apple has not commented on any speculation or leak involving the iPhone 12 family. Therefore, we warn that everything should be considered as just another rumor.

Anyway, we can highlight that the company’s situation is somewhat delicate. The pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) had a significant impact on the production of the iPhone 12. Thus, despite the announcement taking place in September, the devices should only reach the market in October.

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What do you think of the changes proposed by Apple? Will the iPhone 12 look better? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.

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