AMD announces Ryzen 3000C and Athlon 3000C processor lines for Chromebooks


Ryzen 3000CAMD has slowly conquered the market, surpassing Intel’s sales this year. In addition to the computer market, the current company on consoles and will become part of cell phones very soon, with the partnership made with Samsung. Now, the manufacturer takes another step towards leadership in the Chromebook market, with the launch of the new Ryzen 3000C and Athlon 3000C lines.

Unlike the A4 and A6 brothers announced at CES 2019, the new processors promise to offer high performance in both raw and graphics processing using the Zen and Zen + architectures, the Ryzen 1000 and 2000 desktop lines, and integrated Radeon GPUs with up to 10 cores.

With the announcement, the AMD A-series will focus on basic Chromebooks, while the Athlon 3000C line is focused on intermediate devices, and the Ryzen 3000C line will be offered on premium devices.

The most basic models are the Athlon Silver 3050C, Athlon Gold 3150C, and Ryzen 3 3250C, based on 1st generation Zen architecture and developed in 14nm lithography. The three arrive with 2 cores and 4 threads and 5MB of cache, the main differences being clocks, which range from 2.3GHz to 2.6GHz base and 3.2GHz to 3.5GHz boost, in addition to the GPU, with 3 cores on the two most powerful chips and only 2 on the most basic.

The more robust Ryzen 5 3500C and Ryzen 7 3700C offers the best among launches, being equipped with 4 cores and 8 threads, Zen + architecture, and 12nm lithography. The frequencies here are also higher, ranging from 2.1 GHz base and 3.7 GHz boost on Ryzen 5 to 2.3 GHz base and 4.0 GHz boost on Ryzen 7. Both have 6MB of cache, and 8-core GPUs at 1.2GHz in the most modest model and 10 cores at 1.4GHz in the premium model.

Despite the differences, all chips will operate with 15W of TDP, in addition to bringing built-in features like Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. In terms of performance gains, AMD released only information about the Ryzen 3000C line, ensuring that the new CPUs are up to 178% faster in web browsing and 153% faster in productivity tasks when compared to A-series processors.

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The new Ryzen 3000C and Athlon 3000C family are expected to hit the market later this year, equipping Chromebook models from manufacturers such as HP, ASUS, and Lenovo. Interestingly, the announcement comes on the same day that Intel announced the arrival of its 11th generation Tiger Lake to devices running Chrome OS, with the first models hitting the market in the first half of 2021.

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