Intel receives US license and may resume chip sale to Huawei


HuaweiAlthough U.S. sanctions are making it harder to stay in the smartphone market, Huawei has gained yet another reason to celebrate. That’s because sources in China have confirmed that Intel has secured a special license to resume supplying chips to the Chinese.

The alleged licensing took place this week and the Commerce Department has already given the approval to send processors to Huawei. This ensures that the company can continue to launch notebook computers and operate in the PC market.

It should be noted that AMD was also awarded the same license last week. This indicates that Huawei is managing to win “some battles” to keep its presence in the consumer market alive.

However, when it comes to the smartphone segment, the situation is still not the best. The Chinese cannot manufacture its chips with TSMC, nor can it buy third-party solutions. In addition, Google remains in line to receive authorization and return to provide its services on Chinese mobile phones.

AMD confirms US special license to resume chip sales to Huawei

While struggling to maintain its smartphone business, Huawei is also working on other fronts in search of expanding its presence in the technology market. The Chinese giant’s intention is to offset possible financial losses with United States sanctions.

This week, Forrest Norrod, senior vice president at AMD, confirmed that the company has obtained special authorization from the U.S. Department of Commerce to sell processors and other chips to companies that are on the country’s dreaded “black list” :

This license assures us that there will be no significant impact on the sale of our products to partners in China. We are complying with all the rules and regulations imposed by the USA.

As much as Norrod does not cite Huawei by name, the manufacturer is the only Chinese that needs special authorization from the U.S. to keep working. In addition, AMD’s case shows that the Commerce Department has reissued licenses amid trade war:

After having released a few permits, the department has gone a long way without commenting on the Huawei case. The license for AMD is proof that the situation could soon be eased for the Chinese giant.

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It should be noted that Qualcomm and other companies are using lobbying to encourage the trade department to give up some restrictions against Huawei. On the other hand, the Chinese are already starting to face a scenario of the scarcity of their smartphones in the main markets of China.

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