Absolute success: OnePlus Nord breaks sales record at Metro by T-Mobile in the USA


OnePlus NordAnnounced in July 2020, the OnePlus Nord arrived with a lot of hype for being one of the most affordable handsets of the brand. Now a report states that he is doing very well in the USA, mainly at Metro by T-Mobile, where he is selling more and more according to PCMag.

According to the report, OnePlus already makes up nearly 15% of Metro’s sales, which is the highest percentage ever achieved by the manufacturer on a US operator, according to Wave7 Research.

Wave7 further claims that Metro generally sells between 15 to 16 million cell phones a year, so if OnePlus continues at that pace, it could account for up to 2 million cell phones sold by the operator in 2021.

In addition to the OnePlus Nord, the Nord N10 is standing out each time more. This is thanks to its set of interesting specifications and its inviting price of US $ 299, which can even go out for free if the customer chooses to migrate from another operator.

In addition, the Nord N100, which is also covered by the same promotion, costs only U $$ 179.99, being one of the great affordable phones available at the moment.

However, Wave7 says that sales could be better, especially if stores received a larger inventory of cell phones, which currently sell out quickly.

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Finally, Wave7 further claims that OnePlus’s success is due to Motorola’s decline in the US, where the company has dropped from 20% to 10% share of sales, probably due to recent releases like the Moto G Stylus rather focus on more affordable devices as OnePlus has done recently.


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