YouTube prepares update with more control for homepage and suggestions


YouTube YouTube will undergo a major modification in the platform considering the user’s navigability as soon as it enters the site. In the next few days, the video platform will receive an update that will leave the choice of the content seen on the homepage even more suited to the will of each person who accesses the site.

The information was shared on Google’s official blog for this product, showing that the main goal of the company for this year is to leave control over what is being watched or suggested increasingly in the hands of each one who accesses the site for news within your favorite niche.

On the home page, the main change will be in the categorization part of the videos, where it will be possible to filter the most recent uploads of the favorite youtube, or amplify a little more and search within popular themes, as well as specific niches, such as is shown in the GIF below. This option is also valid when watching a video and there is a willingness to explore more similar subjects.

Already in the suggestions part it is still easier to stop seeing a video that is not to your liking, because now you will have the alternative to click on the three points that appear in the lower right corner of the content and choose the option “Do not recommend channel”, so nothing that is posted by this creator will appear on the recommendations tab. However, even using this feature, some may still appear in the “On High” area because of popularity.

For those who are looking for new content within a theme of preference or else want to explore new niches, the suggestions tab will make an available video similar to others that have already been seen, as well as indicate in a small footnote the reason for that theme be being recommended.

For now, the news is being released for Android and iOS, but soon users of the desktop version will also have access to these features.

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