Filed! Facebook will pay $ 23 million after failing to deliver WhatsApp talks to authorities


Well, WhatsApp is at the center of yet another legal clash. This time, the Facebook service was requested by the Federal Police to pass on conversations carried out in the application by a group of investigated in Operation MaloneFacebook will pay $ 23 million, triggered by the PF in Umuarama, Paraná.

The work was done to investigate a network of drug traffickers that used the platform for the exchange of information. When asked to collaborate, the corporation owner of Facebook and other services reported that it could not cooperate, since the encryption prevents anyone other than the sender and recipient from being able to access the contents of the conversations.

Due to the refusal, the service was fined an incredible R $ 2 billion. Because of the disproportionate value, Facebook appealed, and then the rapporteur of the case – João Paulo Gebran Neto – agreed, with the amount falling to R $ 23 million.

WhatsApp’s spokesman in Brazil said he respected the work of the authorities but reinforced the specifics of the service, such as end-to-end encryption, which ensures that the conversations are scrambled and read correctly by the messengers and recipients of the messages.

It is worth remembering since the elections the WhatsApp has been questioned in and out of court about how this makes investigations difficult. The big cases involving fake news shared in the messenger are the biggest example of this.

Since then, the company has implemented some limitations such as a reduction in referral limits and more recently has changed its usage policies to prevent use by spammers and others who are prone to massive shots.

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And you, what did you think of this case? Do you think this kind of privacy protection for user data is important to the extent that the company is not able to cooperate with the authorities? Tell us in the comments!



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