YouTube makes changes to children’s videos to safeguard children’s privacy


YouTube YouTube has been the subject of controversy in recent years because of the privacy of the little ones who use the platform.

Even on YouTube Kids, it seems that Google couldn’t quite guarantee the privacy of children, and there were few instances where malicious content was identified there. Many lawsuits have been started, and in some cases, the search giant has lost a few million.

But as a new year arrives, it seems promising for the platform: if it’s been possible for content creators to mark whether or not their videos are intended for children, YouTube is implementing anti-spam tools. tracking so that these users cannot have their activities on such content used for advertising purposes, for example.

All traffic in child content will be interpreted as if it were actually children watching. This content will also not show comments, live chat, notification bell, and other interaction tools.

The measure, according to YouTube, is justified because children can watch their favorite videos on their parents’ mobile, so it is still complex to algorithmically determine specific cases in which tools can be made available to the user on that selected content.

In any case, Google recommends that children under 13 continue using YouTube Kids exclusively.

Remember, a new feature that is being tested on the Android app is an informative popup about users commenting on videos from the platform. This can be a measure that will encourage engagement as users will be able to “promote” themselves with the new feature.

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And you, do you think YouTube takes care of children’s privacy properly? Tell us in the comments!

Source: androidcentral


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