Xiaomi opens pre-sale Mi TV Pro and should launch handset along with Mi Mix 4


After confirming the release date of the new Mi Mix and Mi 9 Pro 5G, Xiaomi has started pre-selling another Smart TV in China. According to market analysts, this handset should be presented in conjunction with the brand new phones.

Known as Mi TV Pro, this device will be made official with 55 or 65-inch variants. Moreover, in promotional images released by Xiaomi, you can see that the display has extremely thin edges.

This is becoming commonplace on Chinese TV sets and often draws the attention of the Chinese consumer. Finally, another point that is also demonstrated is that both models must have the same metal construction.

For now, Xiaomi has not yet released the technical specifications and has not announced the price of televisions. Even so, given the current 55-inch (2,299 yuan – $ 1,731) and 65-inch models (3,999 yuan – $ 2,311), they should not be cheap.

Anyway, customers interested in buying one of the models can already do so on the official website of the company. The pre-sale runs until September 24th, and you only need to make an advance deposit of 100 yuan (~ $ 58).

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According to the company, those who buy the handset in this period still take home a 300 yuan speaker (~ $ 174). Remember that Xiaomi’s new strategy is to sell premium TVs, while Redmi offers the cheapest models. Therefore, the Chinese should raise the prices of Mi TVs.

Source: news.mydrivers

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