Xiaomi may lose market leadership in India to another Chinese giant


Xiaomi Xiaomi has been able to maintain its leadership in India’s smartphone market thanks to constant war with Samsung. Chinese executives recently issued an even more optimistic forecast for next year.

However, many market analysts believe Xiaomi could lose its crown by 2020. That’s because the biggest threat to China is no longer Samsung, but giant BBK. For those who do not know, this group brings together the brands: Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Realme.

Given BBK’s notable advances in the third quarter of 2019 of its brands in India, Xiaomi would need to be more cautious with increasing competition and declining market share. In the first three quarters of 2019, Xiaomi lost three percent of the market to these competitors – Prabhu Ram, head of CyberMedia Research

According to Ram, Realme is the most important name of the BBK group in India. This is because the company was able to deliver what the local consumer is looking for: good products and low prices. So it’s no wonder the brand’s meteoric growth.

In addition, Xiaomi itself has been experiencing a slow decline in its sales. During the third quarter of this year, China’s share went from 30.6% to 27.1%. This is a symptom that the company is slowing down:

As Realme comes with new mid-range and premium offers, and OPPO and Vivo have also announced plans to go premium, Xiaomi faces a tough battle. To maintain its number one position, Xiaomi would need to go further and also consolidate its offline supply chain.

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Of course, this is still a market forecast and may not materialize in 2020. Even so, the information is already warning Xiaomi, as its biggest threat is no longer South Korean, but also Chinese.

Source: mumbaimirror.indiatimes


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