Caution! Xiaomi phones may lock after wallpaper change


XiaomiPersonalizing cell phone wallpapers is a common practice among owners. However, the practice seems to have its risks, especially on Xiaomi smartphones. A member of Reddit reported that he had his Mi 9 blocked after changing his device’s wallpaper.

According to user report Soroush_kohan, by changing the background of your home screen, the display kept turning on and off by itself every second. After the situation recurred for about five or six times, a load window would appear giving you three options: reboot, clear data, or contact Mi Assistant.

Then, the internet user updated his publication to inform that, because he had to use his smartphone, he decided to delete all his files. After the procedure, the problem has been resolved.

The wallpaper consists of an all-black background, with colors in its outline, to form a frame effect.

It’s not just the Mi 9

It seems that the problem does not apply only to Mi 9. Another user reported testing on their Mi 9T Pro and had the exact same problem. However, in this case, the message to resolve the issue only came about after about 20 times of screen swings.

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Without an official response from Xiaomi about the case, the recommendation is not to apply the wallpaper in question on your phone. In addition, there is also the alert to always know the source of the wallpaper to insert in the display of your phone.


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