Woman blinds one eye for spending all night on cellphone


cellphoneWe uncovered some Fake News about smartphone usage, such as the eye cancer rumor. However, while much information is false, it is true that the overuse of the mobile phone is a cause for medical concern. And the case of a Chinese woman proves that the issue really needs attention.

One girl lost sight of an eye after spending a whole night on her smartphone, playing nonstop. She even went to a hospital to see if the doctors could reverse the situation.

According to the clinical explanation, the woman made a great effort to see the screen throughout the night. The result was the leakage of some blood vessels that supply the retina. Spilled blood eventually blocked the person’s vision.

“The patient turned the night playing nonstop on her smartphone. The next morning, as soon as she woke up, she grabbed her smartphone and started using it again. Five minutes later, she realized she couldn’t see from her left eye. ”

Qiu Wangjian

Doctor of Songgang People’s Hospital

To correct the problem, doctors had to use a laser and create a small outlet in the retina to let blood from the burst vessels flow. Also released was an image of the spots that appeared in the eye of the Chinese.

The woman had her Valsalva retinopathy resolved and saw again. Wangjian added that the exposure went to more than 600 lumens daily over two years. The recommended is that the brightness is no more than 300 lumens.

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Do you know of any other cases where the person has suffered eye damage from excessive cellphone use? Tell us.


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