Without Huawei, TSMC wins new contracts to avoid losses


TSMC After US sanctions that banned the supply of parts and services to Huawei, the Chinese lost one of its main suppliers: TSMC, which assisted the giant with the production of Kirin chipsets, which are present in most of the company’s mobile phones. , both those sold in the Chinese market and those that reach the global market.

While on the one hand, it has been a great battle in the search for a new supplier, even with rumors that Samsung could receive part of the demand from the Chinese company – even if that is no longer supported as a possibility -, on the other it seems that there will be no any impact.

That’s because, as we saw a few weeks ago, the Taiwanese responsible for the manufacture of several lines of processors held a recent meeting to discuss the possible impacts of this breach of contract with Huawei – which was one of its main customers, to whom it supplied most of of the company’s productions – and, according to the survey carried out, will not suffer major impacts from this loss.

And this seems to be coming true, since it has already started manufacturing the A12 chipsets, which will equip future iPhones 12, in addition to already preparing the production of Snapdragon 875 processors, for Qualcomm.

And this “recovery” does not stop there. According to a new report, TSMC has already replaced all chipset production contracts for Huawei with agreements with new companies, maintaining the production line it had. The information is from the new leader of the Taiwanese economic planning agency, Kung Ming-Hsin.

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According to the executive, “as for TSMC, although their orders no longer have Huawei, they were quickly filled, as other people really need them.” This information was also confirmed by the president of TSMC, who stated that there is widespread demand for chipset production for other companies.

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