Without depending on Qualcomm! Apple wants to acquire Intel modens division in Germany


appleApple and Intel would be negotiating for the apple to get the modem division of the chip maker in Germany. The Cupertino giant’s idea is for the acquisition to help the company develop its chips faster, without depending on competitor Qualcomm, with whom the company has fought some disputes in court.

Trading between companies has already been shown by the Wall Street Journal in April. According to the reports, the agreement may include patents and products from Intel, such as the one made with Dialog Semiconductor, a British company specializing in designing electronic device power management chips. At the time, the purchase had a value of $ 600 million and was made of ‘closed door’, that is, Apple also acquired Apple employees and patents.

Intel and Apple have been trading since last year, however, The Information warns that negotiations may be fruitless. The publication estimates that once the acquisition is completed, Intel’s models business unit in Germany will have hundreds of engineers transferred to Apple. In 2011, Intel acquired the chip manufacturer Infineon and then had a chip production base in Germany.

Apple’s strategy is to develop its own chip and thus rely less and less on Qualcomm. However, the technology coming from the apple will not be ready in the short term.Qualcomm

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In job interviews, Apple has already stated that it expects its own chip modem to be ready by 2025, much later than the previous estimate, which saw the arrival of the technology in 2021. After resolving its problems with Qualcomm, it appears that Apple is not in a hurry to develop its own chip.


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