WhatsApp is in advanced stage and dark mode may be released soon


WhatsAppDark mode has become one of the most requested features by users on Android and iOS. That’s why Google and Apple are working to adapt their operating systems, something that eventually compels application developers to follow the trend.

However, many people still await the day when WhatsApp will release the news to its users. According to reliable WABetaInfo, this could happen soon on both platforms.

That’s because the dark mode version for the Apple system is already 95% ready. Already the development stage for Android is 75% complete, and there are still some parts with white tones:

Dark mode is almost done on iOS (about 95%): Only some parts of the app are still white (for example, the Company Contact Info page). Night mode on Android still needs changes to the chat screen and some pages (about 75% done). I do not know any release date.

For now, despite the advanced stage of development on both systems, the dark mode has no date yet to reach messenger users. However, given the above, the feature release may follow the schedule of Android Q and iOS 13.

Therefore, it should not be long before the audience participating in the beta program begins to receive dark mode natively on their smartphone. This is because the messenger usually releases the feature to these users a few months in advance. However, it is also unclear when this should happen.

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