More speed and lower latency! Samsung Introduces First Sixth Generation V-NAND SSD


V-NAND SSDSamsung began production of the first SSD based on the latest sixth-generation V-NAND memories. They are characterized by a 256GB capacity and architecture with more than 100 layers.

The new Samsung 3D NANDs will enable more powerful and efficient SSD memories and chips thanks to Channel hole etching technology, which offers a 40% higher density than the previous generation while optimizing the internal design.

Compared to the previous one, the sixth generation of V-NANDs memories represents a leap. Take as an example the Samsung 970 EVO Plus, announced in January. Sammy says the new memory will have a latency time of fewer than 45 microseconds in reading and write operations, plus a 10 percent performance increase combined with 15 percent lower power consumption.

The idea is that there will be a 20% productivity improvement, which will allow the creation of more than 300-layer 3D V-NAND chips in the future, which will triple the density compared to 96-layer chips.

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At the moment, Samsung will offer the first V-NAND 6a gen SSD equipped with 250 GB of memory, planning for the second half of the year the first 512 Gb V-NAND and eUFS SSD chips for mobile devices.



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