Warhawk and Twisted Metal will also Close Servers in October


They join the PS3 title PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Warhawk and Twisted Metal will also Close Servers in October

Farewell times for some of the multiplayer character games released on the old PlayStation 3. If this morning we inform that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will close servers on October 25, now we have been able to know that Warhawk and Twisted Metal will accompany him in his end of life online.

Warhawk presented itself as a proposal clearly focused on their enjoyment in the company, selling on their purchase card how players can experience a true full-scale war in an intense multiplayer online scenario. Similar case to Twisted Metal, where Sony invited users to destroy opponents from around the world in a macabre destruction-charged circus of speed.

How long have the servers of this trio of proposals been open? A user of the Reset Era forums has calculated it:

  • Warhawk: 11 years, one month and 27 days. 4076 total days
  • Twisted metal: six years, eight months and 11 days. 2445 days in total
  • Playstation All-Stars: five years, 11 months and five days. 2165 total days

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