Vivo launches commercial reinforcing broad presence of 4.5G and fiber in the national territory


Vivo launchesThe “Vivo Vivo Pra Tudo” campaign began on Sunday (16), a move that reinforces the purpose of the mobile operator Vivo to connect people by providing the best connectivity solutions, always aiming for quality, speed, and greater comprehensiveness.

With 4.5G and Fiber technologies leading the brand’s leadership messages, telecom – which expanded fiber coverage further in early June – debuted a new advertising video, where it is represented by a purple “ray.”

In a symbolic way this ray (which also represents the connection between people) travels through several regions – including the most distant and deserted – crossing even forests, roads, and tunnels:

Packing the new campaign we have the song Is not on Mountain High Enough, Motown classic and consecrated by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell – and the choice was not simply because this is a beautiful song, in fact, there is a meaning behind it.

According to the director of Image and Communication of Vivo, Marina Dainese:

This song has a very important symbology for the campaign and our mission to be everywhere, no matter if it is a mountain, a valley or a river. In the end, this is our main delivery and brand commitment: access to quality connection.

Still on the campaign, Ana Hasegawa, PMO of Africa Tec. (the agency responsible for design and strategy) comments:

Vivo’s quality of connection and reach is indisputable and deserved a grandiose campaign, with emblematic music to value these services.

With “Vivo Vivo para Tudo”, we communicate this quality and reaffirm Vivo’s leadership in the category, showing how the connection can reach everywhere and connect the maximum number of people in the country.


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