Creator of Pokémon GO buys company in London to invest in Harry Potter game


Harry Potter gameGame developer Sensible Object was acquired by Niantic on Tuesday morning. Niantic is the company that has been part of Google, working on Maps and later following a different path with a focus on games.

She is best known for creating GO and Ingress Pokémon and currently works on a Harry Potter game using the same augmented reality engine.

Now, with the acquisition of Sensible Object in London, the brand was renamed to Niantic London.

In the ad, one of the first things noticed was the role of Niantic as the creator of Pokémon GO, Ingress, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

They continued to talk about Sensible Object’s pioneering role in augmented reality games, connected hardware, and artificial intelligence for voice commands.

Certainly, they will play an important role in the expansion of GO Pokémon, so working on Harry Potter will also be fantastic.

Sensible Object founder Alex Fleetwood said:

This team has been doing augmented reality games for a decade. The partnership with Niantic brings back memories of our first games. I played Journey to the End of the Night at the Come Out and Play festival in New York and we performed in May 2007.

Sensible Object’s value lies not only in its experience in augmented reality games, artificial intelligence and connected hardware – three central elements to the success of Niantic’s various titles – but in its connection to the local public gaming scene in London.

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Fleetwood explains:

There is a lot of value in this network – friendships, experience, wisdom, trust – and we can not wait to connect it with the visionary promise that Niantic offers.

Recalling that the new game based on the Harry Potter universe is still in the experimental phase, with an open beta released in May in Australia and New Zealand.



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