Trick or Treating! Hearthstone already Celebrates Halloween


Until October 31, players can get special rewards.

Trick or Treating! Hearthstone already Celebrates Halloween

The successful Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has started the celebration of Halloween night with a great event that will allow fans to get special rewards until next October 31. The decapitated rider has returned !, and just by visiting the tavern, the players will receive a golden letter from the Witch’s Cauldron next to a free pass for the Arena.

“Participate in the double-class Arena to see the nine classic heroes of Hearthstone disguised, players who start an Arena pass during Halloween will choose a hero and a hero power, and they can choose cards of both classes, as well as cards neutral, “reports Blizzard in an official statement.

From October 17 to 22 will be available the Clash of Monsters, a type of special game that will take players to “take the reins of a monster mission” of The Haunted Forest with the sole purpose of crushing their rivals. From October 24 to 29, for its part, the decapitated rider will make an appearance. “You will disguise yourself to catch the intrusive rider by surprise, but you will only discover what your costume is when the fight begins.” Each costume has its own deck, with cards of different kinds, plus a passive hero’s power.

Those responsible for the Diablo series will also put on sale a new Halloween pack with the new paladin hero and 20 envelopes of letters from The Haunted Forest. We remind you that Hearthstone will be present at the Madrid Games Week during the next weekend, with various activities for its followers.

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