TikTok in the sights of European justice: France starts investigation under the app


TikTokThe short video application TikTok is becoming the target of the main countries of operation, mainly because it is a Chinese application since the Asian nation has a certain history of the invasion of privacy, something that directly influenced the US trade war with China.

France recently reported that it is conducting a deeper investigation, directly in conjunction with the country’s privacy regulator, regarding the highly popular app. The reasons for this have not been disclosed, however, according to the National Commission for Informatics and Freedom (CNIL), the investigation is based on a complaint made in May.

“CNIL is particularly vigilant in relation to this company and will take complaints and issues related to it seriously,” said the CNIL spokesman.

This is not the first time that CNIL is eyeing an app with billions of users, as in 2017 there was an investigation by Facebook and WhatsApp, where an unauthorized sharing of user data was taking place, causing the company to be in charge for Mark Zuckerberg to pay a € 50 million fine (~ R $ 190 million at the time).

And it looks like France is not going to be the only country in Europe to take action on TikTok, as there have been some investigations within the European Union’s data protection board since June this year, something that the UK has also been moving into. Last times.

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Despite not having much information about the progress of the investigations, it is known that the United States already has pressure under TikTok and this is starting to spread, something that can directly influence the application’s reach outside China.

Source: gizchina


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