TikTok for Business is launched with a focus on creating ads for brands


TikTokThe fast video app TikTok has become one of the big hits of 2020 when it comes to new social networks. And such an increase in the number of downloads during the quarantine caused by the coronavirus meant that creators needed to think of solutions to make the app attractive and profitable.

Taking this purpose into account, the company developed a platform called “TikTok for Business”, which aims to allow advertisers to create more effective marketing strategies within the app, adhering to new forms of advertising, brand-related filters, as well as famous challenges that make use of viral hastags.

As a result, several brands began to partner with influencers to motivate the creation of content focused on selling products or services, since fast videos tend to convert more than longer content on other platforms, such as YouTube.

To improve the way the public receives advertisements made on TikTok, this new area will facilitate the creation of advertisements that vary between images or short videos of up to 5 seconds.

This time can be extended to 60 seconds if the ads are inserted in the feed to be seen and heard in a less “invasive” way than if they were scrolled in the middle of the videos.

Other interesting ways that TikTok for Business will help marketing agencies to leave the brands they represent even more in evidence is by making use of 2D, 3D, and AR (Augmented Reality) content.

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“With the launch of Tik Tok for Business, we decided to embrace creative, positive and real moments that make our community so special with solutions for companies to communicate and grow in a wonderfully expressive way”, points out the social network’s business director, Katie Puris, quoted by Tech Crunch.

Obviously there is a price to be paid to take advantage of this service, but the company does not make it clear in the announcement, reporting only that the values ​​will vary according to the goal of the companies with the campaign, something that can cost tens, hundreds or thousands.

Source: TechCrunch

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