These videos show part of the assembly line of the iPhone 8 … Or not …


In recent weeks we have seen a lot of rumors about the iPhone 8 from possible feature to final models, without forgetting, of course, concepts and possible prices.

But what we have not seen so far is Foxconn’s production chain in action. This is precisely what we are supposed to see in the two videos that accompany these lines, although we have serious doubts about its veracity.

These videos show part of the assembly line of the iPhone 8 ... Or not ...

Is this a real production chain of the iPhone 8?

A lot of media around the world are saying that the videos actually belong to a Foxconn production line that handles the mass production of the iPhone 8, but it’s hard for us to believe that the process is as rudimentary as we’ll see below.

In the first of the videos, 11 seconds in length, you can see a group of operators polishing manually what appear to be back covers of iPhone 8 (to confirm rumors about their appearance).

We do not doubt that the assembly process includes a polishing so that the pieces look the best possible, but at hand? Without following a very careful and identical process in all units? It does not seem like something that meets the standards of quality that Apple usually follows.

In the second video, which lasts even shorter, 8 seconds, you can see a lot of units placed in a kind of rack. What is striking in this case is that each device is placed in a different way, not all have the same position, not even the same inclination … This apparent “disorder and chaos” also does not seem to be something that may exist in a production line of Manzana.

In addition to all this, attention is also drawn to the poor quality of the videos; Something that always happens when there are false leaks and that does leave one thing very clear: the videos has not been recorded with an iPhone 8.

Will these videos show the actual assembly process of the iPhone 8? Is it really much more manual and archaic than we actually imagined? Surely we will never know, but we have a hard time believing in the truth of these images that have already gone around the world and no one stops them.

And what do you think? Will they be real?

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