There are five! Xiaomi patents detail company foldable cell phone models for 2021


Xiaomi Although the foldable smartphone market was largely dominated by Samsung in 2020, rumors already indicate that the situation may be quite different in 2021. Several other manufacturers are already working on their own solutions for the new era of mobile phones, with Xiaomi being one of them.

Recent leaks indicated that the Chinese giant would be preparing three folding models for this year. However, new patents found by the LetsGoDigital website show that Xiaomi is actually developing no less than five different models.

The Chinese company’s approach is quite interesting and appears to be a mix of what Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have brought to the market. Among the five models found, three follow the format used by the Galaxy Z Fold 2, while two are closer than what was seen on the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr.

The screens have two variants, one of which is a double set of displays, with the inner panel and the outer panel being separated, and another in which the inner panel extends to the outside to act as a secondary display. All of them also have different camera modules, which can accommodate up to five cameras.

There is still no information on a launch date for Xiaomi’s first foldable, but considering the patents and the forecast for the announcement of the devices for this year, in addition to the growth of competition in this segment, it is quite likely that the Chinese giant will reveal at least some of your plans very soon.

Xiaomi may launch three foldable phones in 2021, says the new rumor

Despite having tested a number of prototypes, Xiaomi has not yet entered the foldable cell phone market. Currently, Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola dominate the segment with different approaches to the same technology.

Realizing that it may be “far behind” the competition, Xiaomi is expected to start moving in 2021. The information was confirmed by analyst Ross Young, who revealed that the Chinese intend to launch three foldable phones next year.

Xiaomi’s intention is to give consumers the power of choice. Thus, the brand will have a smartphone that folds inwards (similar to the Galaxy Fold ), outwards ( Mate X ) and even shell shape ( Motorola Razr ).

By adopting all three approaches at the same time, Xiaomi hopes to grow rapidly in the foldable cell phone market. That’s because the Chinese manufacturer also wants to offer consumers its well-known cost-benefit.

According to XDA developers, MIUI 12 already cites a foldable cell phone. It was codenamed “Cetus” and should be released with a Snapdragon processor and a 108 MP main camera.

For now, Xiaomi remains completely silent on the matter. Even so, the company has a series of patents showing that it has the capacity to compete with the three manufacturers that currently dominate the folding segment.

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