A new record! Steam exceeds 25 million simultaneous users


steamIn the last few months, we’ve seen some interesting news related to the Steam gaming platform, which included submitting a list of the top-selling games of 2020 and creating a section for adult content games, something that can make it especially easy to life of parents and guardians.

Now, with the turn of the year, an interesting brand was officially hit by the service: the identification that 25.4 million users were online yesterday (02/01/2021), among which 7.4 million were playing at the time of identification of the peak in question.

According to the SteamDB profile, the record surpasses the previous mark set a few weeks ago, where Steam had managed to register 24.8 million simultaneous accesses on the service signed by Valve.

No less important, the chart published by the account also reveals a constant growth over the months, with maintenance above 20 million accesses from mid-September 2020, which may have been partly stimulated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Another point that may also have stimulated the presence of more players online and starting is the availability of end of year offers, including the “Winter Sale” (or “Winter Sale” in free translation) that ends on Tuesday 1/5.

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Source: wccftech

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