The music video section is now available on Apple Music


At the end of January the announcement came out: Apple Music was going to include music videos in its catalog as soon as the final version of iOS 11.3 is available. And although this version has only half arrived, Apple Music already shows its own music video section to all subscribers.

You can access it through the Explore section, both from iOS 11 and from the latest version of iTunes in macOS and Windows. According to MacRumors, we have available exclusive video clips from Kylie Minogue and Beck, although we also find other music videos that take time in the iTunes catalog.

The music video section is now available on Apple MusicMusic videos as if they were songs

Of course, videos do not have any ads when they are part of a subscription catalog. And you can also create playlists with the videos as if they were songs. In fact, soon we can have recommendations in the form of video clips by the same editors of Apple Music.

Remember that music videos are content that can only be accessed by subscribing to Apple Music. The standard monthly fee is 9.99 euros per month in Spain, although there are family accounts for 14.99 euros and accounts for students for 4.99 euros for a limited time.


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