Collecting these items is essential to unlocking the Time Boots, accessories that give users varied powers. The update also features the cards Death Knight, Origin of the Curse (MVP) and Knight Demonstration. If you have level 130, you have the alert: if you give up before the end of the mission, you will have to wait a long time before you can play it again.

The Glast Heim Curse brings new life to Ragnarok Online Game

I confess that this news rekindled the urge to play Ragnarok Online, which was one of the first MMOs I had the chance to test. However, I believe that I would be lost to enter the game now: in my time there were even the Transclasses and the most advanced thing to do in the game was the Emporium War, which was still taking its first steps – which only makes you think I’m definitely getting old.