The code of iOS 11.3 suggests the arrival of a new sphere to the Apple Watch, on the occasion of Pride Day


arrival of a new sphere to the Apple Watch, on the occasion of Pride DayPride Day is becoming a key day on Apple’s agenda. In recent years Apple has joined this pro-LGBTQ movement. This year they may go one step further, with a specially dedicated sphere for the Apple Watch.

appleAs it has discovered 9to5mac between the lines of code of iOS 11.3 (that same yesterday was sent for the iPad of the sixth generation), this new sphere is in a way, but we have not seen it until now in the beta versions. Neither of the betas of iOS 11.3 nor in the beta of watchOS 4.3 has appeared, so Apple may show it just a few days before Pride Day.

According to the description of the code, “pride ribbons undulate separately in surprising patterns, as they approach their consolidation”. And also “a digital sphere that shows a rainbow of colored ribbons”. That is all we can know for the moment of this new sphere, it will be interesting to see if it is a temporal or indefinite sphere. In any case, it is the first sphere that is released outside of a major watchOS update.

Recall that iOS 11.3 has not yet been released publicly for all devices, only for the sixth generation iPad. It is expected that throughout this week or next week officially arrive on all devices compatible with iOS 11.

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