Success shot! PUBG Mobile has the highest monthly box office between games for smartphone


Success shotAnyone who is a regular player of PUBG Mobile knows the amount of paid content that exists within the game, even if it does not directly influence the gameplay. However, the high investment made by some people already makes this title the largest monthly collection among games for smartphones, reaching up to $ 146 million (~ $ 564 million in direct conversion).

Currently, the game already has more than 100 million downloads, showing all the power of battle royale has with its target audience, as well as the high loyalty of those who have tested and enjoyed the dynamics of the most popular survival game of recent times.

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This triumph was largely responsible for Tencent’s continued profit from PUBG, so some analysts at The Financial Times say the game raised $ 146 million in May alone. According to information from Great Wall Securities, this figure would be the sum between the main title and Game For Peace, a less violent option created by the developer for the Chinese public.

Source: www.the verge


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