Stories down your throats! Instagram tests second row display with feature


InstagramWe can’t deny that Stories ended up becoming a very important part of Instagram – and who knew that a stolen resource inspired by Snapchat would end up being so successful?

Knowing the passion of the users of the network for the endless small balls that bring photos, phrases, gifs, music, and short videos, the social network even ported the functionality to apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, and now, it can be ready to take the next step.

According to information recently published by the portal Toranji, in addition to trying two tabs in the feed, Instagram would be testing the display of the second row of Stories, that is, showing up to eight of them above the publications.

Currently, users are only able to see only four balls at the same time (which already drives many people a little crazy, to be honest). Dragging to the side, we can check the next Stories.

The arrival of the extra row, while “polluting” the app’s interface a little more with a new element bringing even more information can, on the other hand, be quite useful for those who follow many pages or have enough friends.

Apparently, the novelty is only available, for now, for a small portion of users. With cell phones getting longer and longer, it might even be a good idea to take advantage of that extra height – we just don’t know if an extra row of Stories would, in fact, be the best option.

Monetization on the way

The change even makes sense if we take into account that Instagram has been working on launching monetization for its IGTV platform for months.

In March, the social network has invited some partners to show commercials on the videos, sharing the earnings with content creators (similarly to what already happens, for example, on platforms such as YouTube).

Some have already started seeing ads on IGTV videos that appear in their feeds – they will be automatically adapted for mobile devices, lasting up to 15 seconds.

The tests include the possibility of skipping ads and more, seeking to offer a user experience that can, in fact, give some financial return to those who work with content production.

According to the information, Instagram will pay 55% of the income to creators to encourage them to publish even more material (the percentage is, interestingly, the same paid on Google’s video platform).

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With this news, Instagram should gradually end up becoming a more profitable platform for creators, making IGTV a much more useful tool than it currently is, which may end up driving growth

Source: toranji

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