More Amazfit coming? Huami presents new processor with impressive capabilities


Amazfit Amazfit accessories are a real sensation all over the world. One of the most popular lines is Bip, with devices with interesting features and a friendly price. One of the newest members of this family is the Bip Lite 1S which has a battery that lasts up to 80 days. Today the company announced another novelty, but this time a new processor for its own devices.

Huami Technology is the owner of the Amazfit brand and today announced Huangshan 2, a processor for its wearable devices at the AI ​​Innovation Conference in China. The first generation of the processor arrived in 2019 and the new one arrived approximately 450 days after the launch of Huangshan 1.

The new processor has some interesting new features such as the new architecture based on RISC-V, which is open source and has been gaining more and more followers around the world. The chip also has an integrated neural network and features energy-saving features made specifically for wearable devices.

With all this, the new chip is able to use AI to recognize atrial fibrillation based on heart rate data with a capacity of up to 7 times better than Huangshan 1. The processor’s algorithms have also been improved by 26 times and are able to support the screen mode is always on, intelligently reducing power consumption.

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The processor also has an ally, the C2 coprocessor, which works when the Huangshan 2 goes to sleep, allowing a reduction in energy consumption by up to 50%. Mass production of the processor is expected to begin by October 2020 and new accessories with it are expected to be launched by early 2021.

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