Stick to all work! iPhone 11 Pro records the life of the “sunless city” in Russia


iPhone 11 ProThe Arctic Circle has a much less common configuration that we are used to here. Imagine that throughout the year it is normal for many months to pass without the sun being seen by the brave inhabitants and explorers of these regions.

Amos Chapple is an adventurous photographer who took really impressive photographs of this place. He was in Murmansk, where he produced the exhibition “40 Days of Darkness”. This is a city still within Russia, but it already offers an Arctic experience.

The curious thing is that it was entirely produced with an iPhone 11 Pro. Between December and January, the sun does not appear there, so the night mode of the device was his biggest ally in this project.

Chapple was surprised by the versatility offered by the phone, which he said gave him an unprecedented level of freedom so that he could simply shoot. He comments on a statement that often did not need to correct or take a photograph a second time since stabilization was great even at long exposures, and the sharpness was amazing.

The photographer’s only criticism was that it was impossible to manually activate night mode. It is automatic, and in some cases, the software may wrongly define that it is not the right time to use it, and the result is completely harmed.

Unsurprisingly, iPhone cameras are the biggest draw of devices today. In 2019 Apple upped the ante and included a set of two lenses already in its most basic model, while the Pro variants won a zoom lens in its triple set, something also unheard of in Apple.

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Source: 9to5mac

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