Steam Cloud Gaming: Valve pode lançar concorrente para Google Stadia e Microsoft xCloud


Steam Cloud GamingOver the past few months, we have seen some companies move to cater to the gamer audience by giving them the opportunity to unlink from consoles or PCs, with key highlights in this regard for Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia.

One of the companies that have not hitherto positioned themselves to bring solutions that can compete with the options previously announced is Valve, but that does not seem to mean that it is effectively stalled.

According to information released by the Stream Database account on Twitter, the reference was identified to Steam Cloud Gaming, a service previously unknown to the general public and platform partners that is considered by many ones of the leading game stores in the world.

Although not conclusive information about a new service coming, it seems clear that the reference is related to a cloud service, thus reinforcing the possibility that Valve is already working on a service that retains Steam’s market relevance.

The question is whether this is really the idea of ​​the company behind the brand or just a project that will not come out of paper. Anyway, we will probably start to see more rumors coming along as news is added (or removed) from the code.

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So what’s your guess about it? Tell us in the comments!

Source; olhardigital


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