Sony Xperia 3: Supposed Flagship Appears in Curved Rear Imaging and Side Biometric Reader


Sony Xperia 3Apparently Sony is still very confused to choose a single nomenclature for its high-performance smartphones and follow a logic from it. In February this year the Japanese announced the powerful Xperia 1, in September the company announced what would be the successor of Xperia 1, the new Xperia 5, and now rumors about the new top of the line Xperia 3 (yes, 3!).

Despite the huge lack of consensus for the nomenclature, newly leaked information reveals that the device would be launched in February 2020, possibly during one of the world’s largest technology fairs, MWC Barcelona. And apparently Sony must retain the main features of previous models.

In a leaked image, the supposed Xperia 3 appears in a superior view showing the screen without symmetrical edges as well as a notch, reinforcing the manufacturer’s insistence not to adhere to notch in any kind of format. We also see the side view showing off Sony’s new design choice with the slightly curved back resembling some classic Xperia, thicker at the edges and thinner at the center. You can see the bounding region of the rear cameras and the power button that should be integrated into the biometric reader as the company has done before.

Other information was not detailed, but it is very likely that the Xperia 3 will be presented with Snapdragon 865 and already equipped with 5G, as rumors already indicated that Sony would invest exclusively in 5G-equipped flagships by 2020, suggesting that the Xperia 5 would have been the only top of the line equipped with 4G network.

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It is also very likely that Sony will use its newly introduced IMX686 sensor in the first half of next year’s flagship. It would have a resolution of 60 MP and should hit head-on with the 64 MP and 108 MP sensor developed by Samsung. The leaks suggest that the Sony IMX686 should arrive with the Huawei Nova 6, Oppo Reno 3v and Vivo X30.

Source: phone.cnmo


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