Sonic Mania Plus is officially released for PS4, Switch and Xbox One


Sonic Mania PlusSEGA never tires of betting on nostalgia, and after investing heavily in Sonic Mania, including expansion packs, the hedgehog’s creator kept the promise and launched, on Tuesday, the new Sonic Mania Plus. The title is available for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. That is the three major next-generation consoles.

The game abuses the nostalgia, bringing back scenes of Sonic 2, in addition to creating new phases with themes already known by the fans. It’s still possible to play multiplayer with up to four people at a time and features two new playable characters: Mighty and Ray, each with special abilities

Sonic Mania Plus is a long-awaited update to Sonic Mania, and anyone who already has the previous title can purchase the expansion for a special value – but not yet revealed in the Brazilian stores of PlayStation or Xbox. In online retail, it is already possible to find the new full title for $127 in the version of the Sony console.

The physical version features a special collector’s package with a Mega Drive commemorative cover and a 32-page book with hedgehog arts and their friends. SEGA certainly found a very interesting way to convince fans to pick up the physical version.

For users of Xbox One X, not much information has been revealed about how the title will run on Microsoft’s most powerful machine, but the game in the digital store has the 4H Ultra HD seal, so it is expected to run at maximum resolution to 60 fps.

Source: Windows Central

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