Selfie in the dark? OnePlus suggests Nightscape mode on other cameras soon


OnePlus First seen last year on the Google Pixel 3 line, night mode has become one of the most important tools in today’s smartphone cameras. The result of the combination of imaging, artificial intelligence, and postprocessing has made the feature almost critical for any device released this year. And he gave her special attention in this way.

Named after the brand Nightscape, the feature first appeared in OnePlus 6T, released in the second half of last year, and has gained improvements in OnePlus 7 Pro. There is a limitation, however.

Nightscape is only available on the rear camera’s 48-megapixel main sensor, which means that when using other camera modes, such as ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, the device loses its ability to “see in the dark”.

But OnePlus should solve this problem soon, as OnePlus says Nightscape will hit other cameras in the future. At least that was the statement made by the brand’s imaging product manager, Zake Zhang: “We are working to bring the night vision feature to the other cameras in a future update,” he said in an interview with GSMArena.

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It is unclear, on the other hand, which cameras will receive night mode, or whether they will still reach the front lenses, as with Google Pixel. Other brands, such as Huawei, already feature functionality in either brand, but images may be blurred from the main camera.

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