Escaped the rate! Tinder Adds Google Play Store Independent Payment Method


Tinder Last month, Google changed its refund system in the Play Store. The company also charges fees for apps that use its platform for in-app purchases. To escape these additional costs, Tinder decided to launch a new form of payment.

Now the flirting app has removed the search giant’s option and left only its new alternative. Users will need to enter their credit card details into Tinder’s own internal tool instead of the Google store. Renewal is automatic, but you have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

The Mountain View company recommends that microtransactions be done as a result of its interface, due to the security of not passing through third party systems. However, the company charges a 30% fee on all purchases made through its platform.

The required share displeases other tools, which prefer to use their own solutions to close deals with users. In addition to Tinder, Netflix and Spotify streaming services also opt for alternative payment methods.

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Although you no longer use Google platform payment, Tinder can still be downloaded normally from the Play Store. The download link is available on the card below the text.


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