Schrödinger’s cat: scientists solve one of the greatest mysteries of quantum physics


Schrödinger's catIn 1935, the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger created the paradox that exemplifies the concept of superposition: Schrödinger’s Cat. Now, it seems the mystery has been solved by scientists.

The paradox consists in the experience of a cat in a sealed box, accompanied by a radioactive source and a poison. The latter would come into play if an atom of the radioactive substance were disintegrated. As long as the box was closed, the cat would be alive and dead at the same time. Only with the quantum leap, action occurred with the opening of the box, the animal would be required to stay in one of the two states.Schrödinger's cat .

To solve the paradox, researchers at Yale University in the United States have decided to use artificial qubits with particles similar to those found in the basic infrastructure found in quantum computers. The goal was to anticipate the quantum leap.

The anticipation – besides the reversion – was achieved by means of photon detectors and generator of signals of microwaves, with the purpose of irradiating the atom. With the procedure, it was verified the possibility of monitoring the situation.

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It is worth remembering that this year of 2019 had other great discoveries in physics, not only in the quantum segment. Among the great facts of the last months, is the first image of a black hole disclosed in history.


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