Samsung Galaxy S20 expected 5x optical zoom, rumor reveals


Samsung Galaxy S20Constantly present in recent weeks among technology news, the new smartphones of the Galaxy S20 line are about to have their announcement made by Samsung to the international market, which includes the detailing of sensors embedded in each of the family devices. , the video comparison with the S10 and even benchmark and official wallpapers.

Despite this, new information can always come up and as it could not be otherwise, yet another rumor related to cameras embedded in South Korean high-end handsets was revealed by SamMobile, a site specializing in the news for branded handsets.

According to the publication, the latest rumor points out that the Samsung Galaxy S20 should have a camera with 5x and not 10x optical zoom as some sources supposed, and even the brand arranged the acquisition of prisms for this at Optrontech, also southern company. Korean Optical Parts Partner.

Note that Optrontech only supplies the parts, and it is the responsibility of two other companies (Actro and Samsung Electro-Mechanics) to mount the final camera module for later installation on the brand new smartphone.

Still according to the site, at no time was cited the availability of a camera with higher zoom, something that rumors could happen in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, more advanced device line that would bring a camera of 108MP and optical zoom up to 10x. .

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Anyway, it seems that conclusive information about it may still come before the release, which should happen during February in an event with no date set.

Source: sammobile


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