Galaxy S20: Video compares Samsung’s new phone with S10


Galaxy S20The new Samsung Galaxy S20, along with its likely family, is getting closer and closer to its launch, but as it does not run, new rumors arise and people take advantage of the previous ones to get a complete sense of what the smartphone will look like.

What rumors indicate so far is that the new models may come with a 6.2-inch screen (probably on the S20 model) with a 120 Hz rate, even though it may not be available at full resolution, the most basic version with Its 12 GB of RAM, an impressive camera set, just like Samsung always delivers on the top of the line.

Another issue that rumors indicate is that the new Samsung Galaxy S20 line will feature larger screens than the previous one and so far nothing is known of the successor of the S10e, a device that captured market share, mainly because it contains very current hardware, in a smaller body than other versions.

What came up this time was a video where developers decided to develop their own S20, actually a prototype, to be able to compare the new Galaxy S20 with S10 versions.

In the video we can see that the new models will be slightly larger than the current Galaxy S10 line, not to mention the probable S20 Ultra, which some rumors say come in place of the Note 10+, so one can already imagine that this is a very good smartphone. big.

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As much as rumors indicate many things and some leaks prove to be very strong, you can only hit the hammer when smartphones are actually launched, something that will happen very soon.

Check out the video below:

Source: youtube


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