Recall, Fines and Renewal: CNH Digital to Win New Services to Help Drivers


CNH Presented last Monday (18), at the opening of the Salon Two Wheels in Sao Paulo, the new version of the Digital Traffic License brings significant changes for drivers. Among the news brought in the app is the ability to receive notifications about vehicle recalled directly on the phone, among other features.

In addition to this warning, the new CDT is also able to alert users of CNH expiration 30 days before the expiration date, so that they are not caught off guard, and will also send notifications of traffic violations to drivers.

The recall warning feature is, however, the most important among the new features brought in the new CDT. Denatran currently has about 10 million registered recalls, but only 43% of vehicle owners answer calls.

With this in mind, the app will give you complete information about the vehicle defect, the risk of not repairing it, and will also provide information on how to schedule service with the manufacturer or responsible company. Remember that the service is free and guaranteed by law. The idea is that this alert will increase the number of drivers who respond to calls.

Marcello da Costa, national secretary of land transport, said the objective of the municipality is to transform the CDT into a service platform, bringing the population closer to the federal government.

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Currently, the portfolio informs drivers about violations, and it is expected that by the end of 2020, there will be an integration with the Electronic Notification System (SNE) app, which will give you the possibility to pay fines up to 40% off.

Source: tecmundo


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