Xiao AI gets male voice and powerful tools on select Mi 9 phones


Xiao AIXiaomi has revealed the news to its virtual personal assistant, Xiao AI. It comes to version 3.0, with much news for the Chinese community.

A male voice has been added to the software, and users will be able to freely switch between available options. The manufacturer details that the arrival of the “new” assistant is through soft vocals that always show joy in helping.

The big news, however, is the new algorithm that is capable of handling continuous and more natural dialogues by the user. Thus, for example, more than one command may be given in the same audio, and if the user wants to correct previous information

Xiaomi points out that Xiao AI 3.0 is the first in the market to handle this level of smartphone dialogue complexity. And well, when she points out that she is a pioneer species in the mobile phone market it may be correct since Alexa has gained news of the type, but first in Echo devices.

Finally, Voice Remote Control has been improved. The feature allows the user to control their other smart home devices by central voice commands on their smartphone. Xiao AI Shortcut came to version 2.0 bringing even more customizations to be programmed by the users themselves.

The news is available in China and only for select devices such as the Mi 9 Pro 5G and Mi 9.

Remember that while Xiaomi and others are advancing in this segment, Microsoft has already thrown in the towel and since the first half of 2019 has sought to reposition Cortana as an assistant focused on productivity. That’s why she will soon leave Microsoft Launcher, but gain powerful features within Outlook.

And you, do you use virtual assistants on your smartphone? Tell us in the comments!

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, he does not have to start from scratch, just inform the assistant that the parameters of that configuration are different.



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