Qualcomm predicts iPhone 5G to increase use of new technology by 2020


 iPhone 5GWith the activation of the 5G network in a number of countries, Qualcomm expects demand for smartphones with this kind of connection to grow considerably by 2020. So during the announcement of its third-quarter financial results, the company revealed encouraging figures.

According to company executives, about 200 million 5G smartphones are expected to be sold next year. This ultimately benefits Qualcomm as the company is a leader in the production of technology compatible modems and processors.

Commenting on the issue, the company’s chief financial officer, Akash Palkhiwala, also provided an important clue about the release of the upcoming 5G iPhones. As we know, Qualcomm has resolved its differences with the Cupertino giant.

So for the executive, 2020 should bring what he considers to be “two turning points.” The first one should be early in the year, when companies like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other Chinese companies should introduce their first intermediaries with the new connection.

The second tipping point will be in the fall, when another major set of devices will adopt 5G, he said.

This indicates that Apple and Google should be on the list of companies that will adopt 5G in their upcoming iPhones and Pixel, respectively. Qualcomm’s 2020 forecasts are somewhat optimistic and outperform the market numbers. As a result, many analysts may review their reports in the coming months:

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Because Qualcomm really needs to place orders at its factories, these numbers that were provided at its investor conference are true. I would place my expectation on Qualcomm’s number – Patrick Moorhead, market analyst.

Source: Reuters


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